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Launched Windows 7 and Windows SBS 2011 integrated package

Microsoft and FPT Technology Products Group jointly launched a comprehensive suite of solutions for small and medium businesses including servers and desktops with Windows 7 operating systems.
This is a true value-added package for businesses with all-in-one and low cost solutions. Windows 7-based desktop PCs are licensed for three FPT-branded computers: FPT S875, FPT M659 and FPT A113 with Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Home Premium product key and Windows Starter. Server product integrated Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard.
The benefits of using proprietary software are enormous. Not only comply with the Intellectual Property Law, but the copyrighted software also gives the user the ability to be effective, the computer is fully protected from the risk of virus and malwatre, and also fast. More resources and stability, as well as updated the latest products. Therefore, FPT proposes the use of copyrighted software.
In order to promote the small and medium enterprise market, the two sides have officially introduced the product package Windows 7 and Windows SBS 2011 copyrighted. Specifically, FPT S875 is equipped with Windows 7 Professional product key operating system, FPT M659 is equipped with Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, FPT A113 with Windows 7 Starter operating system. And the FPT SP56100 server comes with Windows SBS 2011 Standard.
Particularly, during the period from April 11, 2011 to June 30, 2011, FPT has a promotion program for customers in Hanoi and Da Nang. When purchasing 5 sets of FPT M659 or FPT S875 and one server of FPT SP56100, customers will receive a Samsung laser printer worth up to 2 million VND. In addition, when customers purchase products integrated Windows 7 copyrighted will be used free lifetime Microsoft antivirus MSE and was awarded Office Starter 2010 software included.
FPT S875
The S875 has an elegant and impressive chassis design with a volume of only 11.5l. The internal storage is a pretty strong configuration by Intel's H55 chipset platform and the new Intel® Pentium® G6950 processor supports Intel HD Graphics technology to optimize the performance of high definition movies. HD. The FPT S875 comes preloaded with Windows 7 Professional for the best user experience. The FPT S875 can handle a variety of complex and responsive tasks for entertainment needs, MultiMedia. Price: 13,199,000 (before VAT).
FPT M659
The FPT M659 is a product line that delivers core value and is useful to users. Equipped with Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E6700 and Windows 7 Home Premium, the M659 is capable of meeting the needs of video, entertainment, gaming and office applications. . FPT M659 is favored by the harmony of design, configuration and price that is appropriate to the actual needs of consumers as well as small and medium enterprises. Price: 10,599,000 (before VAT)
FPT A113
Compact design at a relatively cheap price is the highlight of the FPT A113 series. Equipped with the latest Intel® Core ™ Atom ™ processor D525, the latest generation of Intel A113 series delivers a new level of power that the Atom processor lineup has not previously had. The FPT A113 comes with a Windows 7 Starter operating system that is capable of meeting all common office tasks smoothly, making it easy to keep up with new information, support learning, work, and respond. Be entertained, watch movies, listen to your music. Also, with the low power consumption of the Atom processor-based platform, your monthly electricity bill will drop dramatically. Price: 6.799.000 VND (before VAT)

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Five ways to change product key on Windows

Normally, Windows users use the generic product key to install the latest operating system version and test. After installing and testing new features on the latest OS release, if you want users to be able to install this new operating system version and replace the generic product key with the product key from Microsoft.
The following article will guide you how to change the Product key on Windows 10.
1. Through Settings Settings
Step 1:
Open the Settings application by pressing the Windows + I combination or click on Settings on the Start Menu.
In the Settings window, find and click the Update & security icon.
Step 2:
Now click on Activation.
Step 3:
In the Update product key, click the Change product key link. Click Yes if the User Accout Control window appears.
Step 4:
This will bring up the Enter a product key dialog box, where you enter the new Product key on Windows 10 and click Next to connect to the Microsoft activation server and activate the Windows 10 copy, using the new Product key.
2. Other ways to set up Settings
Step 1:
Open the Settings application by pressing the Windows + key combination. On the Settings window, find System => About.
Step 2:
Click the Change product key or upgrade your Windows to open the Activation page.
Step 3:
Here you do the same in step 3 and step 4 above to change the Windows Product Key 10.
3. Use System Properties to change the Windows Product Key
Step 1:
First open the System Properties window. To do this, right-click the This Computer icon on the desktop, and then click Properties.
If the This PC icon does not appear on the Desktop, open This PC (Computer), right-click the This PC icon in the left pane, and then click Propreties.
Step 2:
In the activation window, click the Change product key link. Click Yes if the User Account Control window appears.
Step 3:
This will bring up the Enter a product key dialog box, where you enter the new Product key on Windows 10 product key and click Next to connect to the Microsoft activation server and activate the Windows 10 copy, using the new Product key.
4. Use Slui to change the Windows Product Key
Step 1:
Enter Slui into the Search box on the Start Menu or Search Bar in the Taskbar and press Enter. Click Yes if the UAC notification window appears.
Step 2:
Next on the Enter a product key dialog, enter a new product key and click Next to change the product key.
5. Use the Command Prompt
Step 1:
First, open the Command Prompt under Admin. To do this, enter the CMD into the Search box on the Start Menu, then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run Command Prompt under Admin.
Step 2:
If the UAC prompt appears on the screen, click Yes.
Step 3:
In the Command Prompt window, enter the following command and then press Enter to update the Windows Product key on your Windows 10 machine: slmgr.vbs -ipk <your windows 10 product key>
Step 4:
After changing the Product key, the next step is to enter the following command into the Command Prompt window and press Enter to activate Windows: slmgr.vbs -ato
Step 5:
Wait for execution command completed.
Step 6:
The last step is to check whether the new Product key is enabled on the System Properties window.
To do this, first open Control Panel => System and Security => System. On the System window, you will see the Windows is activated message along with the Product ID in the Windows activation section.

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Check out the status of RAM on a Windows computer

The computer is not operating properly and you want to check if the RAM memory has a problem or not. Or have you upgraded the RAM on your computer and want to check that the new RAM stick is really compatible? The article below will help you do this.
Computer hardware errors are often difficult to detect and difficult to fix, especially for those who are not technically savvy. In particular, the most common hardware faults are the errors related to system memory (hard disk and RAM). The following article will introduce the tips to help you check and detect errors related to the system's RAM to have the appropriate remediation.
Use built-in tools built into Windows
Windows comes equipped with a tool called Windows Memory Diagnostic, which allows you to check the memory status of your system. To enable this tool, Windows 10 product key users can type Windows Memory Diagnostic into the Cortana search box. With Windows 7, users can press the Start button, type Windows Memory Diagnostic into the search box and hit Enter.
Simply put, you can press the "Windows + R" key combination to call the Run dialog box, then type mdsched.exe into this dialog box and press Enter.
From the dialog box that appears, select "Restart now and check for problems (recommended)" to restart the computer and begin the process of checking the RAM on the system. You need to save your work to avoid data loss due to computer restart.
Windows will restart and the interface of the RAM check process on the system will appear. Users only need this process to take place and complete in a few minutes.
Once the process is finished, the computer will automatically reboot into Windows product key. With versions prior to Windows 10, a dialog box will appear to inform you of the results of the scan, but for Windows 10 users will need to manually find a way to see the results of the scan.
To view the test results, right-click the Windows 10 Start button, select "Event Viwer" from the pop-up menu. In case you are using Windows 7 product key and earlier but the results of the test are not displayed, press the "Windows + R" key and then enter eventvwr.msc in the Run dialog box and press Enter.
From the Event Windows dialog box that appears, select "Windows Logs -> System" from the left menu, then click the "Find" button from the right pane.
In the search dialog box that appears, type "MemoryDiagnostic" and click "Find Next" button, you will see the results of the RAM check on the system that appears at the top of the window that appears. I know the RAM is running stable or have problems or not.
If the result is "no erros", your RAM is stable and error free.
Use specialized software to check RAM on the system
In case you need a more powerful tool to check the state of your RAM, you can use a software called MemTest86. This is a free software that will perform a variety of checksums with RAM to identify possible failures that the default Windows tool can not determine.
The software includes a free version and a paid professional version with more functionality, however the functionality that the free version offers is enough for use with the user.
As with the Windows default RAM memory test tool, MemTest86 does not work directly on a Windows environment that operates in a bootable environment, so the software provides as an ISO file (to create a bootable diskette). dynamic) or as a bootable USB file.
Download the free version of MemTest86 here (including the bootable ISO version or bootable ZIP file to create bootable USB).
Users can download the file, extract and then burn the ISO file there on the CD / DVD and use this disk to start Windows, or download the file, then the solution. Plug in a USB flash drive and then activate the imageUSB.exe file to initialize the USB boot.
After creating the disk or USB boot of the software, the user inserts the disk or plugs the USB into the computer and then restarts the computer. MemTest86 will be started and start the RAM scan process to check for errors.
Information about the errors detected during the scan will be displayed on the interface of the software. At the end of the scan you get the message "Pass complete. "No error" means that the RAM has no errors and still works properly.
Once the scan is complete, press the "Esc" key to exit the software and reboot into Windows.

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IE10 for Windows 7 released, faster and more secure

After nearly two years of launching the first prototype, Microsoft has officially released the latest Internet Explorer 10 web browser for Windows 7, with significant improvements in performance and level safe.
Internet Explorer (IE) has long been ridiculed as a "catastrophe" for Microsoft, and users often use Firefox or Chrome as the default browser on Windows product key, replacing IE.
But with the latest version of Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft has completely changed the mind of users when there was an impressive upgrade to their web browser. This is also the default web browser for the latest Windows 8 operating system.
Microsoft has not abandoned Windows 7 users after the official launch of IE10 browser on the old operating system. This is seen as a move by Microsoft to compete with rivals such as Firefox and Chrome to dominate the browser market, especially as Windows 7 still accounts for a huge number of users around the globe.
In terms of interface, IE10 on Windows 7 product key almost no change compared to the previous IE9 interface, except that the tabs are designed to be more transparent and simpler, creating the style as on Windows 8 .
The most noticeable change in IE10 compared to the old version is that it has significantly improved speed. Microsoft says its new IE version is 20% faster than the old version and supports many new web standards. This is because IE10 on Windows 7 (as well as on Windows 8) is equipped with a completely new Trident processor to replace the old Charke processor.
"IE 10 is a modern web browser with features," said Ryan Gavin, director of Microsoft's Internet Explorer division. "We built a web browser that focused entirely on web pages."
IE10 also improves HTML5 performance by 60% compared to previous versions of IE9. This allows developers to build HTML5 web applications that can work in IE10 better and more efficiently than older versions of IE.
In addition, IE10 is also equipped with the 'Do Not Track' feature by default to prevent websites from automatically tracking user habits. This is a rather late addition to Microsoft office 2013 product key rival browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, which have been featuring this feature for quite some time.
The other notable improvement on IE10 for Windows 7 is that it's optimized to use less system power than when used, which works when IE10 is running on laptops powered by a battery. .
By bringing IE10 to Windows 7 promises the market share of this web browser will soon be improved in the coming time. According to a recent report by Internet statistics company StatCounter, IE is currently the second most popular web browser in the world with 30% of the global market share. Chrome, with more than 36% of the market, has dropped to third with more than 21% market share.
However, according to StatCounter, in North America alone, IE is still the most popular web browser with 40% market share, while Chrome has only 27% market share and second place with Firefox third with 16% market share.

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Experience Windows 7 on Windows Vista and XP

Newer operating systems will have new and more unique features. But that does not mean old software does not have those features. The following article will bring the look and features of Windows 7 to the Windows XP operating system as well as Vista.
Windows 7 product key, the latest operating system from Microsoft, continues to allow you to download the free trial. But for various reasons, you probably do not believe in a trial or do not want to "break up" with the old operating system is already familiar, so you are still wondering whether to use Windows 7 or not. .
If that's the case, you can still get the experience and experience of Windows 7 right on your current operating system with the following tips and tricks.
Bring Windows 7's look to Windows XP:
If you love the sleek and glossy look of Windows 7, there is no such thing as an inadequate configuration, or simply because XP is so familiar that you do not want to ... give up, you still have Can bring beautiful interface of Windows 7 to XP operating system with Seven Transformation Pack utility.
Seven Transformation Pack will transform Windows XP product key interface into Windows 7 and even emulate some of Windows 7's features to make you feel like you are using Windows 7. You will not need to spend money to buy. Windows 7 license to feel the use of this operating system because Seven Transformation Pack is completely free software.
Aero Snap:
Aero Snap is a feature of Windows 7 that when you drag and drop an open Windows window to the left or right edge of the screen, it automatically resizes the window to match the half of the screen. form. To return to normal, simply drag and drop the window away from the edges of the screen. This feature is especially useful for people who use the widescreen because you can easily place two windows side-by-side to compare the content within them with just one click.
Invisible window:
In Windows XP or Vista, when you are working and want to open a file or activate a program from the desktop, you can click the Show Desktop button to minimize all open windows and display Desktop. But with Windows 7, you can make the screen transparent, just keep the borders and you can quickly activate or use files from the Desktop.
Minimize window groups:
If above, you can minimize the entire window by clicking the Show Desktop button. But in case you want to manually capture a few windows and keep another group of windows? In Windows 7, you can do this by clicking and holding the title bar of any open window, then shaking your mouse, all the remaining windows will collapse to the taskbar. Once again, the remaining windows will return to their original state.
Bring the Quick Launch Bar of Windows 7 to Windows Vista:
Quick Launch is a toolbar located to the right of the Windows Start button, which lets you put shortcuts to your favorite programs so you can easily activate them. The most prominent and recognizable feature of Windows 7 professional product key is that it has a very large Quick Launch bar, and you can not just place programs on your desktop, but even regular data files. If you want, you can do this on Vista (unfortunately XP can not do this) with the steps below:
 First, if your Windows Vista does not have a Quick Launch bar, right-click the Taskbar, choose Toolbar -> Quick Launch.
- Next, right click on Taskbar again and remove the Lock The Taskbar option. (If this option is not selected, you can skip this step.)
- After performing the above steps, you will see the dots on the left and right of the Quick Launch bar, you can use the mouse to drag them to the left or right to zoom out or expand the area of ​​the Quick bar. Launch. Now, for Quick Launch bar to look like in Windows 7, right click on Taskbar, choose View -> Large Icon. You will see the icons will become bigger and clearer as shown below.
In addition, you not only put here shortcuts of programs as before but you can also put here folders or data files to be able to quickly access and use them.

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Microsoft: Chinese government can still use Windows 7 instead of Windows 8

Commenting on the recent move regarding the Chinese government's ban on using Windows 8 for quite a reason, Microsoft has said it will not affect much and will support the replacement with Windows 7 product key.
In a statement sent to the BBC, a Microsoft spokesman said that they were "very surprised" by the announcement from the Chinese government and offered alternative solutions.
"Microsoft is currently working aggressively with the Central Government Procurement Center as well as other Chinese government agencies to reassess and ensure that the products We will provide Windows 7 for government departments as well as review Windows 8 to provide the right solution, "said Microsoft office 2016 product key spokesman.
A few days ago, the Chinese government banned the use of Windows 8 product key for their organizations (not to affect ordinary users). This is supposedly the response to Microsoft's failure to support Windows XP. At present, this 13-year-old operating system is being used on more than half of computers in China, but is mainly pirated.

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How To Start Windows 10 Safe Mode From Command Prompt 2018

Windows 10 Safe Mode Command Prompt is needed in many cases, for example, when you are looking for the recovery of a computer password or laptop. Safe mode helps in many steps while recovering Windows passwords. 10. On the other hand, many other problems are solved by using Windows 10 Safe Mode Command Prompt. We all know that there are many methods to enter the safe mode of Windows 10. We just want to discuss the easy process to launch windows 10 safe mode. When you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 home premium product key or 8.1, there are many problems you might encounter in Windows 10 product key. In addition, in this article, we will discuss in detail how to start Windows 10 Safe Mode Command Prompt. .
If we talk about the previous article, we have a major discussion on How to boot Windows 10 Safe Mode F8 or Windows 10 to activate Safe Mode f8- Windows 10 safe mode Shift f8.
How to launch Windows 10 Safe Mode Command Prompt
There are various ways to import Command Prompt for Windows Safe Mode 10. I recommend leaving all methods and follow a simple approach to get to Windows 10 Safe Mode Command Prompt.
Step 1 Hold down Shift and click Restart
When you turn on the laptop, you can see the screen where you have to enter the password. Also, just turn on the monitor where you can sleep, shutdown or restart the laptop. The steps below are the easiest to get into How To Launch Windows 10 Safe Mode Command Prompt.
Hold Shift and click the Restart button.
Step 2: Advanced boot options
When you click the Restart button, wait a few seconds, you will see that you can now enter the advanced boot options in Windows 10 pro product key. It helps in windows 10 secure password mode.
Note: You may not be able to go to the Advanced Boot Options. The above method is easy but still, you can not get this way then an approach is given below (Windows 10 safe mode does not work).
Alternative to go in advanced boot options
You know the power button on your laptop or desktop. When you shut down the laptop, press the power button. Now again turn on your laptop or desktop then at the same time turn off the laptop. Do not think it will ruin your PC. Repeat this procedure three times. In addition, you will enter advanced boot options. It will manage your computer to go into Windows 10 Safe Mode From startup state.
For the first time, restart your computer then press the power button to shut down the laptop at the same time as Windows 10 starts downloading.
Second, you must once again boot your laptop or desktop and then back to pressing the power button when Windows starts to load.
The third time, reboot your PC or desktop and then back to pressing the power button when Windows starts to load.
Click on TroubleShoot, when other advanced boot options appear there.
Step 3 Advanced Options for Windows 10 Safe Mode Command Prompt
After clicking TroubleShoot, you may find that there are two different options.
Reset this PC.
Advance setting.
Click Advanced Options and then you can see in the screenshot. Resetting this PC will help you reset Windows 10. Moreover, if you do not want to lose your data, you can reset Windows 10.
Reset Windows 10 in Safe Mode
Whenever you update Windows in Windows. But there are still problems in the Windows files and folders. Moreover, sometimes you do not install updates in Windows 10 and disable automatic updates in Windows 10.
Windows 10 will refresh and it is essential to do this.
It can secure your Windows 10 more than before.
Use Reset Windows 10, Windows.A old folder will automatically delete.
How to speed up Windows 10 more than 100 percent.
Step 4 Click Startup Settings (windows security mode bcdedit 10)
When you click Advanced Options, you may see different options in the next screen shown below.
System recovery.
Recover system images.
Start repairing.
Command prompt.
Boot settings.
Back to previous versions.
Step 5 Press 6 or F6 to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode Command Prompt
After you click the restart option. You may see another option where Activation Prompt The Windows 10 Safe Mode command is one of these options. Moreover, there are several options or more. Make sure you select a unique option that is enabled by Command Prompt (Windows 10 Safe Mode Command Prompt).
After you use the above steps, you will be directed to an authoritative Command Prompt instead of the common Windows workspace.